Refurbished Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64GB Zwart

Refurbished toestel
Conditie: Zeer goed

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product Description

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a luxurious metallic design and is beautifully finished on all sides. Apple’s own operating system, iOS, is easy to use and works on various Apple devices virtually the same, in addition to synchronize all Apple products easily with each other and files when stored in your iCloud to easily access anywhere.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus: 5.5 inches

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5 inch screen. This makes the Apple iPhone 6s Plus quite large (15.8 x 7.8 cm), the benefits are, however, too large. When you use your smartphone for many e-mail, reading news or books, making notes or playing games gives you more space in the apps. You do less scrolling and you have a bigger keyboard.

It is also possible to set the font slightly larger without notice this immediately, therefore you do not have to pack your reading glasses there.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus: iOS 9.0

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.0 preinstalled. iOS is Apple’s own operating system, partly because the hardware and software by the same manufacturer are developing they connect perfectly. In addition, Apple puts high demands on the apps developed for iOS, allowing them to maintain a good quality and the hardware does not suffer from the software and therefore is not slow.

Some apps are preinstalled. These are apps that you expect to send any smartphone available today, such as email, messaging, Internet browsing, viewing maps, take notes and calendar. There is a huge range of apps that you can easily download itself and install from the App Store. Think apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Nu.nl, but also to many games.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 3D touch

New to the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, compared with the previous iPhone models, 3D touch. This Apple creates a kind of right for your iPhone 6s Plus. If you normally press on an icon will the same happen when you do that in a previous version of the iPhone, but when you press a little harder icon will appear additional options. These options make it easier for you to control your iPhone 6s Plus and example to switch between apps. Watch the movie for an explanation of 3D touch.










Werkgeheugen (RAM)

2 GB



Refurbished Toestel

  •     Conditie: Zeer goed
  •    Door ons professioneel getest & geïnspecteerd op perfecte werking
  •    Met garantie
  •    Volledig gereset en gebruiksklaar
  •    Zakelijke klanten: er is geen BTW-aftrek bij aankoop van tweedehands-toestellen
  •    Gratis verzending. Zowel in België als Nederland

Wat zit er in de doos?

  • Refurbished toestel
  • USB adapter
  • Oplaad- en datakabel
  • Simkaart tool

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